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Extol Group of Colleges

Nishi Soni BBA III sem

University topper of Bcom

Topper of BCA - session 2015-2016

university topper of bca (MLC)

Aman Sharma

Dolly gour

prizes & winners

Aayushi Shrivastava BSC III sem

Rohit Patel BCOM V sem

Shalini sen

Sankirti Jain BCOM III sem

Shubham Nage BBA I sem

University toppers of science

Prashant Singh BCA

Nonika Rawal

Super achievers

Anand Pandey BSC I sem

A prize is an award to be given to a person, a group of people to recognize and reward actions or achievements.Official prizes often involve monetary rewards as well as the fame that comes with them. Some prizes are also associated with extravagant awarding ceremonies, such as the Academy Awards.
Prizes are also given to publicize noteworthy or exemplary behaviour, and to provide incentives for improved outcomes and competitive efforts. In general, prizes are regarded in a positive light and their winners are admired.

Anupriya Kujur BSC V sem

Rachna Thakur BCA III sem 

toppers of BBA  - session 2015-2016

Sakshi Patel

Mausami Malyiva BCA I sem

Aryan Raj

Ayush Sharma BCA V sem

Shubangi rana

topper of BCOm - session 2015-2016

Super achievers are the special prizes offered to those students who are the toppers of the university. These University toppers are from different streams. These gives them special encouragement in academics. 

university topper of BBA

Topper of Bsc - session 2015-2016

Neeta Geetkar BBA V sem

Ketan Kale BCOM I sem