We identify technology, training, and processes to take your service team to the next level. 

Extol College monitors key performance Indicators at 3-week Intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

The unique feature of innovative course is its inter-disciplinary approach of tntegrating basic sciences with applied science.


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The environment and culture of a professional college ensures that student work with a single objective of developing their career, resulting in a positive attitude, orientation of sincerity and development and an aptitude for excellence in life.

Breaking the path of traditional learning. Extol provides a highly motivated learning environment and inculcated proactive approach. This is a unique "Extol Model" and has become synonymous with quality education. Extol ensures that class room teaching becomes interesting enough, so as to develop the student's interest in academics.

Extol plus concept proved that individuals participating in it show stark differences in their personality , sheding their inhibitions and enhancing their level of confidence. extol plus concept is a scientifically designed module to bring out the latent talent  of student making them more dynamic, assertive and participative in order to develop the over all personality. The college is dedicated to prepare individuals to help them excel in this dynamic and competitive environment

Extol is committed to produce Professionals of the highest order

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The world of commerce and business is dynamic and diverse. Because of its vast scope, the world attracts people with different skills and interest.

Extol ensures to keep pace with latest technology around the globe. Internet based training, journals, magazines, visits to various industries and research labs are a regular part of life at Extol. With the help of various tools & techniques, technology center at Extol ensures that the latest development in the respective areas of study are tracked & monitored by committee of students. The students are also working on cutting edge technologies in the areas of IT.

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

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Text book learning at extol is duly supported by the case method. this helps in developing skill and aptitude for decision making and handling a real life situations, which are more complex than theoretical text book problems as a future manager is exposed to the data insufficiency and complexity of practical situations. The case method was first develop by the Harvard Business School (USA), and was successfully and efficiently indigenized by IIM-A . Extol has adopted the same pattern of teaching methodogy.

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“Extol College delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

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The objective of the department of computer science is to enable the students face the technological challenges in the field of IT.

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