Extol Group of Colleges

1.Teachers come well prepared in class and teaches without using a book.
2.Maintains proper class decorum.
3.Arrives/leaves in time.
4.Does not sit in class during the lecture.
5.Gets h/w dome from students & grades it unit wise.
6.Gives last years exam questions in homework/tests.
7.Gives time outside class to clear doubts.
8.Knows students by name.


message from board members

A classroom is a Place where peoples study uninterrupted by outside distraction. One can express or learn many kinds of skills in a classroom. It is a worshiping place for studious and an enjoyment place for mischievous. It has all the taste of good as well as bad memories. and our college is a perfect epitome for that.

The layout, design and decor of the classroom has a significant effect upon the quality of the educational experience.Attention to the acoustics and colour scheme may reduce distractions and aid concentration. The lighting and furniture likewise influence factors such as student attention span.

Positive Learning Environment
We have learned over the years that the learning environment in the classroom is vital to student success and impacts students in many ways. A negative learning environment, or setting that adversely affects student learning, can affect students in many ways, such as low student achievement, poor behavior, student anxiety, or depression. We work hard to maintain a positive learning environment, or one that allows students to feel comfortable and confident as learners. Our students are hard workers and have high achievement levels.

Smart education classrooms

Students Council

The students body of Extol is an extension of our vision to impart Practical training to students by allocating functional responsibilities in the various societies. The societies facilitate the participation of the students in the conception, design, development and execution of student programs and activities ranging from pure academic to pure cultural. This helps in structuring their own learning experiences and becoming confident, independent and creative thinkers.

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