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Extol Group of Colleges

b. s​c. - Electronic Media


  • Dr. Vidhi Verma


  • Miss. Sarika Soni

M.Sc. (BT)

  • Mrs. Rohini Akaronkar

​M.Sc. (Zoology)

  • Mr. Akash Tilwani


  • Mrs. Aparna Bhalerao


  • Mrs.​ Neha Rai


  • Mr. Ravi Sharma


  • Mr. Ritesh Kushwah



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  • Dr.Trapti Saxena


  • Mrs. Savita Mohindra

M.Sc (Biotechnology) 

  • Mrs. Madhu Mishra

​M.Sc. (Botony)

  • Mrs.Bhumika Gautam

​M.Sc. (Physics)

  • Mrs. Jhili Sarkar

​M.Sc. (Microbiology)

  • Ms. Kosar Jahan


  • Mr. Sachin Joshi


  • ​Ms. Shumila Quereshi


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The course is the gateway to all the fields related to media like Print Media where Student may work as Reporter, Sub editor, Graphic designer, Researcher. 
Electronic Media where Reporter, Anchor, RJ,  Copy Editor, Camera person, Video Editor. News Media where Reporter, Content-writer , editor, Designer, Researcher,  Anchor.

Govt. and Public Sector where Various Jobs in Prasar Bharti, as PRO and Information officers in state and central Govt and in public sectors as Railway, BHEL. Also exiting career in Ad World, Film Making, Animation.

The Extol Faculty of Media provide value based quality education and to enable wholesome development of the students. They establish a dynamic learning culture which promotes new ideas, creativity and develops leaders and innovators in the field of media and mass communication. They train aspiring journalists so they grow as responsible and successful members of the media industry.
They teach students the highest ethical standards of the profession.

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Department of Media


System On chip Design Challenges
Plastic Solar Cells :Implementation of Nanorod and Screen Printing Technology
Optical Computers (Future of Technology)
The Bio-Chip Technology
Space Solar Power
The evolution and implement of the “ARM” Architecture
Multi-core processors and its advantages
Haptic Technology
Next Generation Wireless Communication
Window Based Embedded System


Career Opportunities   

Sound and Video Engineers


Visual & Graphics Designers

Script & Story Writers

Cinematography & Camera Professionals,

A Program Manager or Technical Staffs in Doordarshan

Radio Broadcasting Stations as Reporters in Print & Television Media

Certification courses                      

Media Laws and Ethics

Media Economics

Professional Videography/Non-Linear Editing

Television Journalism/Script Writing

Development of Electronic Media

Communication Skills

Television Production Management

Videography, Videography Practical

Graphics and Animation

Script Writing and Direction(Practical)

Multimedia Video editing -Linear & Non -linear

Computer Animation


Three Year degree course affiliated to ‘Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Mass Communication’  Bhopal (M.P)

The degree includes six semesters and in each semester students are introduced to a new aspect of media, beside basic subjects like languages and communication, as Audio Production, Video Editing, Multimedia, Animation,  Script writing. To add the analytical and research quality in them, a short thesis is the part of the syllabus. And to enhance their practical knowledge, they also have to submit short documentary and news bulletin.

  • Mrs. Nutan Sharma

M.Sc.(Maths+M.Ed.), Ph.D.

  • Mr. Thakur Nagendra Singh

​M.Sc. (Electronics),M.Tech.

  • Mrs. Shraddha Sharma


  • Mrs. Monika Khale


  • Ms. Savita Mohendra


  • Ms. Radha Mehra


  • Ms. Rashmi Chandrayan


  • Ms. Dolly Yadav


  • Lush Green campus with world class infrastructure.
  • Top academicians and  media persons as teaching staff.
  • Regular classes and activity based learning.
  • Practical Assignments  and continuous evaluation
  • Guest Lectures, Visits and Workshops
  • Cultural activities through out the session