​​Chemistry lab at extol is designed in a way that it has all the facilities to practice.

As a teacher I contribute to the progress of my country By keeping my lab in working order and by teaching students the value of science.

​​Theory without practices is sterile and practice without theory is futile.

Mar​x and engels


Extol Group of Colleges

life science

Labs in life science- Biotech, Microbio, Zoo, Chemistry, Botany

computer science

Life science

Nurturing India's Future

It is a very vast field of flora and fauna. At extol we have labs for biotechonology and microbiology.

An active interface with the corporate sector is maintained through placement cell that keeps students keyed in with the times. The department constantly updates its pupils by conducting presentation through technology cell , so that students keep pace with latest happenings in their fields. 

Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescope .

​Edsger Dijkstra

Physics & Electronics