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B. S​c. & M.S​​​c - Electronics/Physics

Academic Programs

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Specialized certification programs

  • Dr.Trapti Saxena


  • Mrs. Savita Mohindra

M.Sc (Biotechnology) 

  • Mrs. Madhu Mishra

​M.Sc. (Botony)

  • Mrs.Bhumika Gautam

​M.Sc. (Physics)

  • Mrs. Jhili Sarkar

​M.Sc. (Microbiology)

  • Ms. Kosar Jahan


  • Mr. Sachin Joshi


  • ​Ms. Shumila Quereshi


  • Mrs. Nutan Sharma

M.Sc.(Maths+M.Ed.), Ph.D.

  • Mr. Thakur Nagendra Singh

​M.Sc. (Electronics),M.Tech.

  • Mrs. Shraddha Sharma


  • Mrs. Monika Khale


  • Ms. Savita Mohendra


  • Ms. Radha Mehra


  • Ms. Rashmi Chandrayan


  • Ms. Dolly Yadav


The EFLS is a premier multidisciplinary Research and Development organization. The ongoing academic and research programmes at EFLS are in three major categories - high quality  basic research in the frontier areas of modern science, research relevant to societal needs, and application oriented research towards commercialization.

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IPR and Patent laws

Bio- Instrumentation

Eukaryotic Genetic Engineering

Designing of Transgenic plants and animals

Leading jobs science era

NANO tewchnology

Cold fusion


Thin films     



Maglev Trains

PCB - Fabrication

Super conductivity

Mobile communication

Down to Earth Ideas

Genetic Counselling : FISH

Holi ke rang Phoolo ke sang

Krishimitra and urvara : Biofertilizers

Certification courses                      



r-DNA technology

Tumor Biology

VLSI designing

Bio - Medical instrumentation

Electronic circuit design



Technology Cell                       

Fuzzy logic

Integrated logic circuit

Satellite communication

Laser guided missile

Solar Flares

Digital Signal Processing

Relativity and its application​

Local chat and file transfer system            

  • Dr. Vidhi Verma


  • Miss. Sarika Soni

M.Sc. (BT)

  • Mrs. Rohini Akaronkar

​M.Sc. (Zoology)

  • Mr. Akash Tilwani


  • Mrs. Aparna Bhalerao


  • Mrs.​ Neha Rai


  • Mr. Ravi Sharma


  • Mr. Ritesh Kushwah


The Extol Faculty of science is a premier academic and research organization in the areas of modern science. The objective of the department is to aid the development of biotechnology in India on a sound basis by imparting training courses in advance areas. 

With a strong focus on solving real-world problems, the BSc Computer Science degree program delivers world-class teaching based on expert real-world knowledge, and is designed to provide you with the essential material required by a computer science graduate. We aim to teach you computer science in such a way that you can enjoy it, and gain employment using it in a variety of industries.

B. S​​c. & M.S​​​c - CS / IT

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Department of science


Courses help us to understand the complex web of interactions linking the individual components of  a living cell to the integrated behavior of the entire organization. The courses offered are MSc. & B.Sc. (Biotechnology), MSc. & B.Sc. (Microbiology), MSc. & B.Sc. (Biochemistry), MSc. & B.Sc. (Biology). 


b. s​c.  & M.s​​c -  Life science

Apart from contemporary Physics and electronics labs, department has advanced labs like wave optics, Microprocessor technology, Instrumentation, Laser and communication electronics which bridges the gap between theory and industry expectation.

Aimed at inculcating science education to the students of the District, the discipline stands for moulding energetic youth for pursuing intense study and research. The courses are MSc. & B.Sc. (Physics), MSc. & B.Sc. (Maths), MSc. & B.Sc.(Electronics). All of these are 3 year program and eligibility is 10 + 2 with science stream.

EFLS - The Mature Decision at a Premature age

The progams at EFLs are a blend of various branchs of knowledge like basic biology, microbiology, chemistry, plant and animal biology, computational biology and bioinformatics, physics and electronics. Courses ​are designed to help, analyze and represent biological information to understand life processes.

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